Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How many colors can we imprint on our ThunderStix®Noisemakers? 
A) On quantities of 125 to 2000 you can imprint from one to four colors. Typically, most orders call for a one color imprint. For quantities of 2500 or more, we offer printing up to six colors, including process printing. We also can print a different message on each side of the tube and make your own custom colored ThunderStix® Noisemaker.

Q) What is the minimum order for ThunderStix® Noisemakers?
A) 125 pairs.

Q) How many stock colors are there?
A) There are ten stock colors - please see pricing page for complete information.

Q) What is production time for my ThunderStix® Noisemakers?
A) For quantities of 125 to 2000 we screen print and normal production time is 6 to 10 days. We also offer 3 DAY SERVICE on your ThunderStix® Noisemaker. For quantities of 2500 or more, we flexographically print and production time is 3 to 4 weeks. Rush service is available.

Q) Is there more than one shape?                                                              
A) Yes, we offer three stock shapes - our Original ThunderStix®.  shape, our Noodle/Wiggle Stix®. shape, and our Slap Shot Hockey Stix®. shape.

Q) What sound do they make?
A) Many will say that the original shape makes a sound like Thunder, while others will say it sounds like a metal drum. The other two shapes make a more muted sound.

Q) How much do ThunderStix® Noisemakers cost?
A) It depends on many factors -  the quantity ordered, color of tube and the number of imprint colors. Please 
see main page to get a quote with shipping and easy, secure online buying.

Q) Where are they made?
A) ThunderStix®Noisemakers are made in the USA!

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