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We get a lot of questions from folks who would like to get some basic information. If you have a basic question click on the above links and see if our answers can help you. If it doesn't please don't hesitate to call during regular business hours 8am-5pm PST or email us. We will respond as soon as is possible.

I need to get your address and your phone number?

American Imprints, Inc., Inc.
Established in 1987
Orange County, California

PHONE- (949)753-1975
FAX- (949)753-4708
TOLL FREE-(800)859-1975



I'd like to have some shirts printed, how much are they?
To get a price on screen printed goods we need to have some basic information.

  1. Kind of shirt (ie. 100% short sleeve Tee)

  2. Color of the garment

  3. Quantity of shirts you want.

  4. Print locations and number of colors of each design.
    (ie 2 color small front and 4 color large back)

  5. How will you provide the artwork?

Links T-shirts Sweats Golf Shirts Tote Bags           


I would like to get some of your stock temporary tattoos?
To get a price or some information on stock tattoos here's what you need to know.

  1. Minimum order is $150.00

  2. All styles are pictured on our internet site

  3. Prices are listed on our site

  4. To order: make a list of the tattoos you want and email or fax your order over to us.

Links: Temporary Tattoos Stock Tattoos Stock Tattoo Prices

I'd like to get some stickers, how much are they?
To get a price on stickers we need some basic information.

  1. Kind (oval shaped window decal)

  2. Size

  3. Quantity

  4. Number of colors

Links: Stickers Sticker Prices                                  


I want to have a banner made, how much is it?
Here is the information we will need.

  1. We need to know the size?

  2. We need to know the quantity?

  3. We to know how many colors?

  4. We need to no approx. what it will look like.

Links: Banners

I'd like to get a catalog, how could I do that?

Thank you for your interest in our company. We would like to be of service to you if there is something you need. Unfortunately, because of the volume of products and customers that we deal with, it is not possible to offer a catalog. We have tried to include as many products as possible on our website . We are constantly adding products and upgrading the usability. After you review our site, if you still cannot find something let us know. Email us at  One of our sales reps. will get back to you with the information ASAP.

For Promotional Products go to the following page

For a promotional products search engine. Search by product category, product name, product price, production time.

For Garments go to the following page

For Garment Printing Prices go to the following page

If it's embroidery you are interested in please send us what you want on your shirts and we will let you know how much.

If you don't have access to the web then please give us a call 800-859-1975.  From 8am-5:30pm Monday - Friday Pacific. Or Fax us at 949-753-4708.



I would like to get some kind of promotional product, what do you have?
There are probably 500,000 different products, you really need to browse our site and see if you find something you like. If you find something that doesn't have a price, here's what we need to know!

  1. What is it? (description and style number)

  2. How many do you want?

  3. How many colors?

  4. How will you provide the artwork?

Links: Ad-Specialty Items Promo Products



I'd like to get some shirts embroidered, how much is that?
With embroidery its tricky to give an exact price, here's what we need to know to make an estimate.

  1. We need to know what the product to be sewn is?
  2. We need to see the finished artwork to estimate the number of stitches.
  3. How many?
  4. How will you provide us your artwork?

Links: Embroidery Golf Shirts Hats Jackets Tote Bags 



I want some custom temporary tattoos, how much are they?
If you'd like to get some custom tattoos this is what you need to know.

  1. How Many do you want?

  2. What size do you want?

  3. How is your art prepared?

Links: Tattoos Custom Tattoo Prices


I'd like to get a price for a boat name?
Here is the information we need to get you a price.

  1. Approx Dimensions

  2. Number of colors

  3. How will you provide any necessary art?


Links: Boat names   boat registration numbers


Customer Service

Customers We Serve
We pride ourselves on our ability to handle a diverse range of projects and customers, from a special event at an elementary school to trade show giveaways for a major corporation. We have Promo Items for everything.

Over 250,000 Items Available For Custom Decoration! If you can't find it. Contact Us!
For ideas, assistance and ordering call toll free.


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